As Mick Philpotts starts his life sentence, with the recommendation that he spend at least 15 years in prison before he can apply for parole, the nation breathe a sigh of relief that this individual got what he deserve for killing six innocent children.

However, because of his crimes and the amount of media coverage that he was given in respect of his lifestyle and the amount of taxpayers’ money that he acquire to maintain his children, wife and himself, there is a presumption that all claimants are like him.

I do not always agree with a member of the government but I find myself in agreement with George Osborne that lifestyle such as the one portrayed by Mick Philpotts need to be investigated.  But we cannot because of one individual cast aspersions on every claimant, because they do not fall in the same category as Mick Philpotts.

The lifestyle of this individual was outrageous and stems from a person that had no moral fiber and is of the opinion that society owes them.  The vast majority of people claiming benefits are doing so because they cannot find any employment, they are ill, incapable of being employed and are destitute, some get trapped in financial problems and cannot find any way out and to penalize these individuals because of one misguided human being would be a travesty.

It would be naive to think that there are not more individuals like Philpotts out there but they are in the minority and we can never as a society use the actions of the minority to do further harm to the majority and I hope that this will never become the case.

Society has a number of amoral individuals and we should at all times try to identify these people and deal with them but not at the expense of those who are already in desperate situations.

The amoral human beings in our society are the ones who create problems for the rest of society and we continue to allow these individuals without any morals to corrupt the rest of us who have the ability to function with dignity, integrity and humanity and it is about time that we stop judging and tarnishing everyone with the same brush, we are not the same.

We applaud the judicial system for putting the likes of Mick Philpotts where he belongs and hope that it will not take the death of innocent children to root out the likes of these people, we should find them before they are made to create mayhem and havoc to our environment.

By Sandrea: My Opinion