As the United States, wake up to yet another shooting incident, the people must be wondering, will this type of crime ever ceases.

Reports that a masked gunman wearing camouflage have opened gun fire in a busy Portland mall leaving the gunman and two other people dead, the city of Oregon becomes the latest in what is becoming a nightmare of shooting deaths from gunmen who seems to fire their weapons indiscriminately into crowds of unsuspecting people.

The media reports documented the horror stories from various shoppers who were present at the Mall during the shooting.  This is an eerie reminder of how easy it is for human beings to lose their lives when, in my opinion, unstable individual in a position of a gun and decide to go on a rampage of spree killing, with no regard for their life or the lives they took, or the families they destroy by their selfish actions.

It does not stretch the imagination to be able to understand the panic and ensuing chaos that would occur in a Mall packed with hundreds of Christmas shoppers and for an individual armed with a gun to open fire in that kind of crowded situation must have been a terrifying experience for those within the vicinity of the criminal act.

If as reported in the media witnesses to the crime saw the gunman wearing a mask, carrying a rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest, and announcing to the crowd that he was the shooter, then this cannot be construed as an accident.  For whatever the reason, he set out to cause death and mayhem among the Portland Mall shoppers.  His actions have left two families grieving for loved ones that will not be around them for the holidays or any other family occasion and where they should have been planning to celebrate the Christmas holidays they will be planning funerals, all because guns are too easy to end up in the hands of unstable individuals.

Needless to say these families will want answers as to why their loved ones had to die and why a simple shopping trip to the Mall ended up with them having to bury their family members.  But this is a question that has been asked by families all over the US whose loved ones have died unnecessarily from the bullets of Columbine and Colorado shooters and all the other shooting incidents that have occurred in the US.  None of the answers will or can every justify the actions of these individuals.

With the gunman dead the Oregon authority is left grappling to piece together why this individual deemed it necessary to open gun fire in a busy Mall, what set off this chain or reaction that not only leave the gunman dead but two other innocent people.  Irrespective, of what the investigation and the report findings will be the United States will have to seriously address the issue of guns and the sales of, if they are going to stem the flow of these kinds of incidents that is currently plaguing their cities.


By Sandrea: My Opinion