As we mourn the lost of this great man, we however take the time to celebrate his life and the legacy that he has left behind him.

How can we ever forget the day he walked out of his prison cell after spending 27 years of his life locked away from the world.  Yet even in confinement this great man was able to demonstrate his enormous ability to unite a nation.

Unless you live under the apartheid system one can only speculate the devastation and the trauma the other must have undergone, having to believe that the colour of one skin determine the integrity and dignity of the person.  Nelson Mandela proves beyond a shadow of doubt that this type of perception is flawed at the very core, and showed the world that we can live together peacefully.

The world has lost one of its brightest lights and even as we regret this we will never forget that he gave us a mantel on which nations can create harmony with its people, a platform of integrity that surpasses everything that we knew before and most of all the knowledge that because someone may have wronged you that is never a good reason to seek revenge.

South Africa today is a much richer country both in its people and diversity and the knowledge that each race can co-exist with each other without conflict and that is purely because of the greatest man that God saw fit to grant us the ability to know.

I know that he has gone to his maker and has he slept in peace he knew that his candle may have burned out but his legend will remain throughout generations to come.

R.I.P Nelson Mandela – 1918 – 2013