The current media report which suggests that a newspaper has published the names of handgun permit holder in two New York counties, is in my opinion irresponsible.

There is no doubt that the number of guns owned by Americans is far too much and there are some people that would like to see a vast reduction in this number, but the manner in which we carry out this must never be done in ways that put the individuals or their families at risk.  It is understandable that persuasion to get rid of these guns may not work, so the other alternative is legislation not publicly naming gun permit holders.

Of course, the school shooting in Newtown Connecticut was a deplorable act perpetrated on innocent children, a tragedy which marred the festive season for many people.  But in order to prevent this kind of massacre from ever occurring we cannot put the lives and liberty of others in jeopardy, we cannot help the criminal elements in our society identify where they can get their hands on these weapons, the consequences of this could be catastrophic.

It is debatable and many people will surely not understand the reasons why the paper deemed it necessary to publish the names of the handgun permit holders, and we can never as a society justify one bad behaviour with another.

The fact that the world was appalled, shock and then furious that so many young lives were taken is no excuse and cannot be a justification for revealing the names of these individuals.  There is no doubt that the journalist has an obligation to report both popular and unpopular news and we are grateful that without them we would not have certain information, but compromising the lives of anyone irrespective of the so-called good intentions, is futile and counterproductive.

By Sandrea: My Opinion