Following the recent clash of Christians and the Pakistani police regarding the fact that they believe that the police allowed the Muslims to burned their homes comes as no surprise.

The accusation by the Christians is not without merit, as the fact that Muslims cannot accept the fact that they are not and will ever be the anointed nation on the planet gave them a reason to persecute Christians all over the world.

We have to consider that irrespective of the fact that although the Islamic faith will go to all lengths to confirm that the prophet Mohamed is chosen by God, there is no proof to sustain their ideology.

God gave Abraham two sons of which although Ishmael was the older of the two it was Isaacs that was given the anointing, they may both be leaders of nation but it was God’s wish that Isaacs was the true ruler of men.

They can continue on their destructive path but in the end God’s wishes and what he ordained will eventually win and there is nothing that they can do to prevent the word of God from manifesting.

All that Muslims have to remember is that God will gather his children from the four corners of the world and unite them according to his prophecy and they may not like the fact that their so-called leader was not the chosen one but their reign of terror against the nation of God will fall.

We find it difficult when the children of God are persecuted but it is not surprise because as we know Jesus was crucified and he did no wrong.  There is no doubt that we cannot make the proponents of the Muslim faith understand that stoning anyone to death is against God wishes as Jesus told those that were about to stone a women, and he said ‘those that is without sin cast the first stone’ of which they could not.  Therefore the stoning to death of an individual for blasphemy is not sanction by God.

I can understand the reasons that Muslims behave in the manner in which they do, it is hard to know that Abraham first child was not given the anointing but this is God and you do not tell him who to anoint, you follow is rules, laws and commandments without question.

Whether you believe in the prophecies of the bible or not these are the set of rules that mankind was given in order to guide us into the path of righteousness, we are free to ignore them as that is our rights but we do so at our own peril and one day we will have to answer for the consequences of our actions.

By Sandrea: My Opinion