Los Angeles, according to news media report has host a gun buy back drive through, where individuals can deposit their weapons without any question being asked.

Apparently, long lines of car were formed as gun owners turn in weapons for up  to $200 US dollars.  The event that is normally held in May was brought forward following the Connecticut school shooting.

Law enforcement authority report that the event was looking positive, they had collected 420 handguns, rifles and shotguns.  People, they said want to do something to do their part to get more guns off the streets and the fact that they police were asking no questions was a key incentive.

When one considers that weapons such as a TEC 9 semi-automatic handguns was one of the guns turn into the authority, then there must be an appreciation of what the L.A event is trying to achieve.

There is always going to be those that are only too ready to criticize the event and cast aspersion on the effectiveness of such a scheme.  The fact still remains that if the guns surrendered in the buy back prevent the lost of life of even a single individual then it is worth it and if every state in the Union did the same thing the amount of guns that would be out of the hands of private citizens, whether legal or illegal would be considerable.

We should be encouraging this action, not frown on the sections of the community doing their part to stem the flow of gun crimes.  What Los Angeles is doing might be considered a drop in the ocean, but that is all it takes for the ripple effect to be felt across the nation.

By Sandrea: My Opinion