According to a report in the media Oprah Winfrey, says that she cannot tolerate anyone who use the ‘N’ word around her regardless of the colour of their skin.

The vast majority of people Oprah’s age or more do recognize and understand how derogatory that word is and will not use it even in terms of a joke.  However, there is a section of society that do not understand why this word evokes so much distaste in many and they are using this word especially amongst their own kind because they lack both the knowledge and understanding to realize how degrading it is.

Freedom is a luxury that most people in society take for granted and especially the younger generation do not understand the implications of what slavery did to millions of people and they also believe, if they are aware of the history of slavery, think the time as come for us to put that part of history behind us and move forward.

It is understandable why the likes of Oprah find the word so distasteful, but she must recognize that it is a word that will never go away, especially because it is used frequently by the very people whom that word meant to degrade.

Facing reality is recognising that throughout society there are always going to be those who judge a person not by their character but by the colour of their skin and that in my opinion, will never change.

By Sandrea: My Opinion