Disgraceful, diabolical and archaic, that is my reaction when I look at the injuries to the face of Wilfred de Bruijn who was attacked following a homophobic hysteria, it brings home the fact that as human beings we lack the tolerance and understanding that regardless of the way of life that others chose they are human beings and must be respect for the manner in which they choose to live their life.

As a society we have this outrageous ability to believe that if something or someone or a group of individuals do not fall within our narrow-minded beliefs then not only should they be ostracized but abuse or assaulted.

Irrespective of whether we dislike the manner in which some sections of our community choose to live their life as long as their lifestyle does not cause chaos and mayhem then we have no right to assault them or hurl abuse at them. As a species we have to learn to be tolerant of each other and this vigilante attitude we have against anything that is different or does not meet our standards need to stop or we are putting ourselves on a slippery road to doom.

History is full of atrocities that have been committed because we fail to recognize the rights of others to exist.  We are privileged to have information that tells us that over 6 million Jews lost their lives because of bigotry, millions die as slaves because of the colour of their skin, the planet is bombarded with atrocities that have been undertaken because human beings lack the ability to be tolerant.

It would appear that there are those who have this counterproductive attitude that we should all be the same, think the same, look the same, behave in the same way, and that is the worse kind of tunnel vision that there is.  Our differences are what makes us unique, different culture, colour, sexual orientation and religious beliefs and those are the fundamental attributes that make us who and what we are.

We live by laws that govern the way in which as a society we should conduct ourselves, therefore, if someone commit murder, steal, fraud or any other anti-social crimes we have a judiciary that deals with that, but what was done to Wilfred de Bruijn was atrocious and  there should be a unanimous outcry against this kind of inhumane and downright archaic behaviour by those who do not understand that the only way that we will survive as a species is by exercising tolerance and recognizing that we may differ in many ways, but we have one thing in common we are human beings first and foremost.

By Sandrea: My Opinion