The picture of a New York policeman giving a pair of shoes to a homeless man became a media overnight hit.

It seems strange that an act of kindness which is a humane thing to do should not be taken for the norm and we are so surprised that another human being deemed it necessary to help someone less fortunate, is unbelievable.  It is not unusual for us to be cynical about the action of this police officer; bearing in mind he never knew is action was caught on a mobile phone.

Human beings have drifted so far from each other that we tend to only see the inhuman things that we are capable of inflicting on each other.  It is not accidental that this police office helps this homeless man, he was used as the instrument to remind us that there is more dignity and decency in us than we give ourselves credit for and if we take the time we can achieve remarkable feat.

What New York Police Officer Lawrence DePrimo action demonstrates is that there is still a small section that believes in being their brother’s keeper, offering the kindness and friendship that made us human beings.

How easy it would have been for officer DePrimo to walk on, but he recognise that this man barefooted and on a bitterly cold November day he had an obligation as  decent human beings to help, and he did so, restoring in my eyes the notion that there are still remarkable human beings on our planet.  Just imagine how much better off we would be as a race if we were kinder to each other.

For me Lawrence DePrimo act of kindness will be the beacon for many others to follow and he should be honour as that showed that humanity is still alive.

By Sandrea: My Opinion