The National Rifle Association suggestion that they want Congress to fund armed officers in every American school, is short-sighted and idiotic.

It would appear, in my opinion that this organization will stop at nothing to protect their archaic ideologies regarding the ownership of guns, and if the recent slaughter of twenty six innocent lives does not make them realize that more guns in schools is not the answer then I do not know what it is going to take for them to wake up to the realization that we need tighter gun control laws in the United States.

The objective is not to saturate education environment with more guns or turn them into Fort Knox.  It is about ensuring that children attending an education establishment are protected from individuals that are able to get their hands on semi-automatic weapons which enables them to carry out the carnage as seen in Connecticut.

This is one of the most ludicrous absurd suggestion and it is understandable that it would provoke outrage in parents across America.  There must come a  time when people become more important than out-dated Neanderthal beliefs.  The wild west is dead, this is the twenty first century and we should not allow the needs of the minority to overtake those of the majority, this idiotic saying that ‘guns do not kill people, people do’, when out with Noah’s ark.

We, as a society must make the ownership of guns difficult and although there is not a hundred percent guarantee that we will get rid of all these weapons, and that they may not fall in the hands of individuals hell-bent and harming section of our society, is no reason or an excuse for us not trying.

One must ask the question, if the supporters of the NRA had their children slaughter would they still be inclined to make such a frivolous suggestion about putting more guns into the environment that caused them pain.  How can one equate putting children’s lives in the middle of a potential gun fire.  I find the suggestion so appalling that it really defies logic.

The US has an obligation to its citizens to protect them and Congress should definitely ignore the suggestion of the NRA, it is self-serving, in my opinion, aimed at maintaining the status quo and is not an effective method of resolving the issue of guns.  Their idea is not only dangerous but it is irresponsible and something is fundamentally wrong when any organization fails to recognize that people are much more important than personal beliefs.  I am at a lost for words to even begin to understand their mentality.

By Sandrea: My Opinion