Following the media report and video footage of the Kanye West altercation at LAX, one has to ask the question, why do some so-called celebrity behave in such counterproductive manner.

Looking at the circumstances from a lay person point of view, these individuals will do just about anything to get a reporter to notice them when they start out on their journey to become, what they call famous, yet when they achieve what they set out to do they then believe that they are entitled to treat others disrespectfully.

There is no doubt that everyone of us requires some kind of privacy in our lives but that is a luxury that individuals who put themselves in the public domain will find rather difficult to accomplish and therefore, it is important that individuals know how to handle the pressure of being a celebrity and the manner in which Kanye West handled that altercation was rather juvenile and certainly infantile.

The video as shown in the media shows the reporter backing away from Kanye West and that should have been an indication for him to walk away and recognise that any other course of action or a bad behaviour will reflect not just on him but the fans that he has around the world.  In my opinion, celebrity has an obligation to ensure that their conduct in the public domain is above reproach and that they behave in a manner which demonstrate not just their dignity and integrity, but above all humanity.

Of course, it would be naive to think that sometimes reporters can be intrusive and downright appalling, but it is their job and regardless of their relentless pursuit of an individual to gather information, that person has the ability to walk away and remain silent and that is a choice that all those that are in the public eye can do, resorting to these kind of bully boy tactics is rather unbecoming and have no part in a modern society.

By Sandrea: My Opinion