As the coalition government capped income per household role out across Bromley, Enfield, Haringay and Croydon, the race is on to see how many more people will lose their home and the impact it will have on single family.

Apparently, the manner in which this will work is that the individuals in the above mentioned areas will receive £500 per week for couples and £350 for single parents which is in effect as of the 15 April 2013, and this will spread to the rest of the country in the summer.

The Works and Pension secretary Iain Duncan Smith, allegedly state that this will give people receiving these benefits the incentive to find work.  It would appear that he his not living in the same century as the people that are being penalized, where are these jobs going to come from does he somehow think they are going to magically appear out of the sky.

Personally, I have more faith in the economists and they are challenging the government so-call job availability and they have more insight into the economy than any politician.

What I would like to see is individual like the works and pensions secretary come out of his ivory tower and live for a week on the capped  benefit that he believe that is so adequate for the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

This idiotic belief that most people that are receiving these benefits do not want to work is ludicrous, the vast majority want to make their contribution to society but they are prevented from doing so because the jobs are no longer there to sustain full employment.  They are hardly any manufacturing industry, and technology have superseded most manual labour task and individuals especially in their late 50’s are not able to get jobs that they can do, and it is not only that group which is affected.  If students that are emerging from university qualified to their back teeth and they cannot find gainful employment what chance is there for a person will little or no qualification.

These so-called individuals that sit high above in their ivory tower do not have a clue what everyday living is like for the majority of people and the policies that they have embarked on is not there to enhance individual lives it only make it worse.  Not only have the poor and most vulnerable of our environment have to cope with capped benefit, they can no longer have a spare room in their home because it becomes  taxable and the bedroom tax is in my opinion equivalent to the poll tax that was instigated by, once again the conservative government and those who lived through that painful period will remember the damage it did and after spending millions to put it in place they had to dismantle it.

The last three years under this coalition government is in my opinion the worse yet, although most will disagree and believe that under the 1980’ the country was in a far worse shape, I believe that these policies are even a bigger harm to the citizens of this country than then.  It is the weak, frail, children, single parent, elderly, disable and jobless that these ineffective polices are hitting the hardest and this coalition government will live to regret these decisions, as come the next general election if 20 of their MP’s get back into parliament I will be very surprised, quite frankly this coalition government need to be sent back into the 16 century because both them and their policies it where they should be.

By Sandrea: My Opinion