By Sandrea: My Opinion

The recent Amnesty International report on the number of inmates that have been executed in the US is cause for concern. Regardless of the fact that the figures make have dropped a little 43 people put to death is still rather frightening.

Whether you are for or against state sanction murders the fact remains that the cost to put an individual to death could be use in a more productive manner.  Human beings have evolved from the cave into penthouses and still we remain more uncivilised than our forefathers.

What have the death penalty achieved?  It did not stop John Wayne Gacy from murdering 33 men and boy, Jeffrey Dahmer slaughtering 15, Ted Bundy raping and murdering 35 women, or Michael Swango a physician and surgeon from poisoning 30 patients including some of his colleagues.  All those crimes were committed with the death penalty in place and although Ted Bundy was executed January 1989, his death have not bought back one of the individual that he had violated and murdered.

The death penalty is ineffective, not a deterrent to crime and like the United Kingdom should be abolished especially in every state in the US that currently still has state sanction murder.  How can a nation call itself civilised if it does not have the ability to curtail crime effective deal with its prisoners without putting them to death.

It is amazing to learn that at least 676 executions were known to have been carried out worldwide in 2011, an increase on the 2010 figure of at least 527 executions worldwide.  However, the 676 figure does not include the thousands of people who were believed to have been executed in China in 2011.

If the death penalty was establish to act as a deterrent to crime then it as fail miserable over the century, and this being the 21st century it is time for us as supposedly intelligent beings to recognise that the death penalty is a barbaric and out-dated form of punishment and although we have move away from the chair to lethal injection the outcome remains the same, state sanction murder is equally has vile and deplorable as the individuals that commit the crimes that see them sentence to death and if we are to maintain a modicum of decency then we cannot allow ourselves to be dragged down to the same level as the criminals that we find it so easy to murder.

For more information on the death penalty watch the You Tube video below: