Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is accusing the world of double standards, is in my opinion unjustified.

There can be no doubt that peace talks with the Palestinians is preferable than any arm conflict, and the world would be much more supported by this action.

Israel politician believes that the International community should not be criticizing them for their proposal to build 3000 homes in the West Bank, yet failed to condemn the Palestinians for their refusal to renew peace talks that collapse four years ago.

The international community condemned Israel for their actions because announcing their proposal for the building of 3000 homes in the West Bank is seen as a retaliatory move against the Palestinians for winning the United Nations vote that gave them non-member observer status, which is believed to anger Israel which caused them to announce their controversial plans.

Of course, Israel has an opportunity to press home the fact that they are willing to renew peace talks rather than enraged the Palestinians with the threat of building homes in areas of the West Bank that will curtail the Palestinians in establishing a viable state.

Two wrongs do not make it right and for many years Israel had the unwavering support of the International community, they must now prove that the support they receive for so long was justified.

If the international community backed the Israeli proposal then it would have been seen as a one-sided affair and the community was not concerned with the plight of the Palestinians, by taking the stance they have they have demonstrated that there is no bias involved and they will treat both sides equally.

Instead of criticizing  the international community Israel should shelve their home building plans and actively seek peace negotiations with the Palestinians and if they continue to refuse on Israel’s offer then it will be up to the international community to act on that issue.

By: Sandrea: MY Opinion