It has been reported that the creator of the hit TV drama Homeland condemned the UK Ministry of Defence for running an animal laboratory in which live pigs are shot with high powered rifles so army doctors can practise surgery on them.

Apparently, a letter was sent to Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond, by Gideon Raff, in which he expressed his outrage at the scheme, in which British medics practise emergency surgery on pigs that were shot at a NATO training camp in Denmark.

There is no doubt that any research that help to save the lives of human beings is important but, in this technological age surely there must be other ways, such as the use of a human simulator to gain the knowledge required rather than the shooting of defenseless animals.

Of course, the MOD will claim that the scheme provides invaluable experience and has helped save lives, however the animal loving British public will find this to be equally outrageous and disgusted with this practise as it cannot be a justifiable action on the part of the MOD.

Animal rights group Peta has already called the practice “impossible to justify medically, ethically or educationally”, and in my opinion I would agree wholeheartedly with their assessment.

By Sandrea: MY Opinion