As  NATO moves forward with plans to place patriot missiles and troops along Syria border with Turkey. Is this now  a warning from NATO to Syria that enough is enough.

Although, no one would wish to see NATO involve in another long and protracted conflict , we have to appreciate the fact that they are needed in Syria to help end the ongoing violence that is decimating the country.  In fact, some would even suggest that deploying missiles along the Syria border is not enough and they should actually be in the country.

It is not surprising that the Assad regime would call the move psychological warfare, further adding that the move will not deter the regime from seeking victory over rebels they see as terrorists.

There are genuine concerns among Western countries that the regime in Syria has reached a stage of desperation and this could be the trigger that cause them to use chemical weapons against its own people, regardless of the fact that Assad is absolutely denying the fact, and suggesting that it is a part of a conspiracy to justify future intervention into Syria.

It becomes increasingly difficult for the West to believe anything that the Syrian regime said, given that they could have, if they wanted to, end the conflict several months ago and prevent the number of deaths that since occur.

The problem that the rest of the world face with Syria is that the regime is determined to hang on to its power base regardless of the negative impact on the country and in a situation such as this there has to be outside involvement to ensure that power is taken away from the few and handed to the majority.

Where there is clear evidence to support the fact that the ruling government is not willing to negotiate a peaceful settlement and their failure to do so is causing thousand of lives unnecessarily it is our duty and obligation to prevent further deaths from occurring and if that mean invading the country, this should be done.

By Sandrea: My Opinion