By Sandrea: My Opinion

We, people who are obese and suffering from obesity always ask the same question, how do I lose weight  effectively?

In my opinion there is no shortcut to weight loss.  Losing weight takes a conscious decision to change our dietary methods.

So, how do we change dietary requirements and if we change, what are the benefits to both me and my body.  The first step, in my opinion is deciding what to eat and what are the health benefits.  If you are able to understand what you are putting into your body and how your body reacts to it then it becomes much easier to change your diet to healthy eating.

For examples you decide that you are going to consume more fruits and vegetables.  There are literally hundreds of fruits and vegetables on the planet, which all have health benefits, so let look at a few of these and see how they can help us to beat obesity and get in a much healthier mode.


Radish – rich in roughage, good for the liver and stomach, purifies the blood, satisfies your hunger, freshen your breath and low in calories.

Spinach – abundance of vitamin K which contributes to a healthy nervous system, prevents cataracts, powerful antioxidants which combat osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

Lettuce –  best snack for dieting, provides vitamins A, C, K, boost immune system, helps to prevent Alzheimer disease, battle cancer and  heart disease.  Regular consumption of lettuce is good for stress, ulcers, obesity, urinary tract, helps prevent neural-tube birth defects in the early stage of pregnancy.


Pears – good source of fiber, vitamins B2, C, E, copper and potassium, helps to relieve pain and contain high levels of Boron which helps the body to retain calcium that prevents or retards osteoporosis.  Fiber contains no calories and is a necessary element that sustains blood sugar levels.

Figs – fresh or dry figs contains levels of B-complex group of vitamins.  These vitamins function as a co-factor for the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Prevents constipation, reduce weight, meet your iron needs.  Iron is an essential mineral needed to transport oxygen in your blood.  Without enough iron in your diet, delivery of oxygen to your cells decreases.  If you are over 51 you need 8mg of iron every day and age 19-50 18mg.

Research also shows that the chlorogenic in figs control blood glucose level in type 11 diabetes.

Oranges – rich in vitamin A, C, calcium, magnesium, potassium.  Vitamin C protects the cells from damage.  Oranges contain Liminoid which helps prevents cancer such as skin, lung, breast and colon.  Purify the blood, effective in the prevention of asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and rheumatism.

The three vegetables that we have highlighted not only help fight obesity, but they prevent various diseases and repair our bodies in the most natural way. They don’t just help us to lose weight but ensure that our bodies are protected.

Having looked at the health benefits of these fruits and vegetables it would be naive to believe that they alone can cure or destroy all of the know diseases that plague human beings.  However, what they are capable of doing is to effectively deal with some of these diseases, in particular obesity and the long term health benefits will dramatically improve our bodies and a healthy body promotes healthy minds, relieves stress and gives us an overall feel good factor which is a necessity