It has always been my bone of contention that politicians mouth and brains never seem to work in tandem.

I believe the latest  alleged remark made by British lawmaker Richard Graham is typical of individuals that do not think before they speak and when you are in the public domain and in particular someone responsible for proposing laws that can affect so many lives, it is important that one keeps their bias to themselves.

The last time I look this is the 21st Century and if a woman chooses to wear high heels and short skirt then that is not a precursor to any man to believe that she is saying ‘here I am come and rape me’.

According to his train of thought women should subject themselves to wearing clothes that would not make themselves prey and when they do wear clothes that they are entitled to wear in a free society then they are responsible for any assault that have been inflicted on them.

This is the kind of Neanderthal attitudes that allow some in our society to behave in anti-social way and cause so much mayhem and chaos into our environment.

Politicians cannot have it both ways, you cannot make idiotic comments such as saying that women who wears high heels and short skirts put themselves at greater risk of rape, them in the same breath say that in no way your comment intimates any excuses for predatory behaviour, is just does not equate.

Individuals in society that are prone to those kind of anti-social and criminal behaviour will look at a comment such as that and believe that if they assault a female dressed in those attire than it is not their fault but that of the female and that is kind of counterproductive attitude we breathe when we let our mouth say things before the brain process them effectively.

It does not matter whether a female is blind drunk, wearing high heels and short skirt that is no excuse for anyone to take advantage and to have these kinds of ridiculous comments made by an individual that should know better is rather 18 centuries and should be confined to that era.

By Sandrea: My Opinion