As the UK mourns the death of a 14 year old who as being allegedly mauled by dogs, the question again arisen why do human beings believe that they can control the natural instincts of animals.

They are touted as man’s best friend and I suppose the owners of dogs will say they are no better pet to own.  However, human beings have failed miserably to recognize that despite the fact that we are supposed to be the most intelligent of the species, we still do not have the total ability to control animals and until we do these nightmare dog mauling and killing will continue.

Irrespective of the fact that the UK has banned certain type of dogs that they believe are vicious there are still those who in certain circumstances will revert to their natural instinct to survive, just as human beings have the capability to put their instinct into play in cases where their life depends on it why do we not recognize that animals are the same.

The death of a child by a dog is a devastating affair and we grieve with the parents, but this kind of problem has been on-going in the UK for a very long time.

According to various reports there have been an enormous increase in the number of dog attacks on children where hospital treatment was necessary, some fatal, and the trend seems to be increasing rather than decreasing.

How does society weigh the balance and protect children or indeed anyone from these vicious attacks by dogs. There is no doubt that dogs play a very important role in our society, the hard working police dogs that sniff our drugs or bombs, guide-dogs that help the blind to live a relatively normal life, these dogs are very important and therefore we should not or cannot eradicate all dogs from our environment.

In my opinion, the dogs that are shown to be the ones that have the capability of returning to their natural instinct and attack either their owners or strangers should be banned and not be trained as pets.  They should be confined to the wild and left to using their instinct for their survival.

It is heart-rending when an animal has to be put down for exercising what is a basic right, using its instinct, but of course society says that if an animal kills then they must be destroyed in the interest of the public.  But why should we allow it to come to that when we can easily remedy the situation by not keeping those animals we know could become potentially dangerous.

By Sandrea: My Opinion