As the US once again mourns the lost of twenty six people, including twenty children, the world is asking how many more children must die before the sales of gun is severely curtailed.

This latest incident is at least the fourth big shooting spree to hit the United States in five months, and leave the Northern State of Connecticut in mourning.  It is by far the worst shooting in the USA this year.

How can we begin to come to terms with the fact that twenty children who attended their elementary school believing that they would be back with their parents after school, did not make it home, or begin to understand the grief of this community.

There can be no excuses not to seriously debate the issue of gun control, and Americans that believe that they have a right under the fourth amendment to bear arms, better take a very serious look at what they are inheriting from that so-called right.  Their children are dying needlessly and it must be stopped, for the future of the next generation.

This must bring back the pain, nightmare and suffering felt by those who lost their children in the Columbine school massacre in 1999, fifteen were killed that day, and as the people of Colorado mourned those deaths no one could believe that yet again more school children would die in another shooting incident.

With the alleged killer committing suicide, where do we look for answers as to why this happen.  I am so furious and sadden that these children so young, with their whole life ahead of them were gunned down like animals.  What could five to ten year old children do to be slaughtered in this manner and what level of human depravity have we sunk to that would allow anyone to murder children.  What kind of society allow this type of atrocities to continue to stain our communities.

My heart goes out to every family in Connecticut and although, there is nothing I can say to ease their pain, I need them to know that I understand their agony and I grieve with them and hope that they will find the strength to be able to come through this very difficult time in their lives.

By Sandrea: My Opinion