As a European man and women begin their five year prison term in the UK after being convicted of insurance fraud, it made me wonder how gullible are we at being conned out of our hard earn money.

This pair was able to conned over £920, 000 by duping unsuspected motorist with their so-called ghost brokerage that was offering cut price insurance to the driver, and according to the media they were taking £100 at a time as commission for each of these fraud that they perpetrated.

It is unbelievable that this couple was able to carry out this scam for over seven years and during the time that they were fleecing innocent drivers out of their money they were able to purchase a £365,000 detached house, £56,000 Mercedes, enjoy holidays in Mexico, Tokyo, Jamaica and put their son through an elite private school.  Whilst they were enjoying living their millionaire lifestyle their victims were left with no cover having believed they had paid their premiums.  To add insult to injury they did not even have the integrity to pay the Inland Revenue their dues.

What it is about human beings that  made us such a prey and allow us to be  so easily conned, is it because we seem to always want to go the cheapest way.  The saying that ‘if it looks too good to be true it probably is’ seems to be lost on us.

This is just another in the latest of scams that have been perpetrated on others involving millions of dollars or pounds, take your pick.  There are the lottery scams which as seem hundreds of thousands of dollars falling into the hands of the criminal.  I cannot understand why these kinds of crime continue to be so profitable for those who are willing to undertake them.

We live in an age where technology has brought us closer than ever before and all it takes is a simple telephone call to at least verify what you are being told and if in doubt call the police, so why do individuals constantly find themselves being duped.

Looking at the lottery scam this is the one I find ridiculous, as you have to purchase a lottery ticket to be involved in the draw so if someone in another country send me information that I win a large amount of money from a lottery draw I knew I never enter then it goes straight into the bin.  In my opinion human beings are caught up in these scams because of our greed, the minute they see something that tells them that they win for example £100,000 but in order to claim they have to send £25, handling fee instead stopping to think, the mere mention of the £100,000 blind them to the con they are allowing themselves to get trapped in.

The fact that these two have been found guilty of their crimes and will serve a prison sentence is cold comfort to the people whose lives they have ruined with their greed.  As a society we need to exercise better judgement in order to prevent these amoral individuals from leeching off another person’s fragile nature.

By Sandrea: My Opinion