The life of 377 people, who died when a building in the garment factory collapsed, is yet another indication of how little we value the life of another human being.

A mere couple of months, in fact November of last year 112 people die when a garment factory with locked emergency door caught fire.

One would have thought that the Bangladeshi people deserve better protection than they are obviously receiving.  It is unbelievable that any decent authority would idle stood by whilst the lives of so many innocent people are destroyed, leaving their children, family and community devastated. These individuals tolerate the bleak environment that they have been made to work in because of poverty.

Government is elected in order to not just ensure the economy of their country is strong but more importantly to ensure that the workers are protected in their rights to work in a safe environment is not violated and that health and safety protocol are adhered to by everyone who decide to establish a business which employ others.

The Bangladeshi problem in the garment industry that cause the chaos and mayhem and the unnecessary deaths of so many demonstrate in my opinion that the government has failed miserably to ensure the safety of these workers and that is a travesty.

Another overwhelming aspect of this tragedy is the fact that western society is only too happy to purchase the garment made in these unsafe environments.  There is no way that those unsafe factories would be tolerated in the west and therefore we have an obligation as consumers to boycott any product made in these factories until we are satisfied that the work is being undertaken in environment that we would have no problem been an employee there.

Society have an obligation to ensure that we take care of those that are less fortunate than us and the power of the west currency is as such that we can ensure that these people are given safe work environment, if we continue to bury our heads in the sand and ignore the plight of these garment factory workers, irrespective of wherever they are, so we can purchase these so-called cheap garment then in the end we are no better than those who are the owners of those dead trap.

By Sandrea: My Opinion