How can one possible hold the dead accountable for actions they may have undertaken during their life.  This is a question that I would like someone to explain to me.

According to the media Jimmy Saville, now dead, committed throughout is life a number of  criminal activities that were perpetrated on individuals between the ages of 5 to 75. How was he allowed to carry out this kind of activities and why is it that now he his passed away that they are suddenly coming to life.

Irrespective, of whether these allegations are true or not, he cannot be held responsible for these activities because he his dead and no member of his family can be held accountable, so how are these individuals going to achieve justice for what they allege they were put through.

I suppose that this is once again down to financial rewards because it does not take Einstein to figure out that there can be no other reward apart from monetary value.

Jimmy Saville cannot be bought into a court of law, he his no longer in a position to defend himself against these allegations and in my opinion, I believe it is unfair for a dead man to have his name dragged through the mud when he cannot defend the allege accusations.

I do not want anyone one to be under the illusions that I am in no way agreeing with the bad behaviour of the common man or so-called celebrity.  However, I am of the opinion that an individual has the right to defend themselves and this is not achievable when a person is no longer among the living.  This is a diabolically situation for both the victims and his family because no matter what any report suggests Mr Saville is not able to contest those allegations.

Society needs to take some of the blame for these kind of actions that may have been taken by these so-called celebrities, we have, as a society elevate individuals to godlike status, which allows some to believe they are above the law and thus make them believe that the public will not believe anyone who laid an accusation against them.  It is time that we stop this and allow individuals that have been wrong to be able to report this without the fear of believing their story will not be believed.


By Sandrea: MY Opinion