The outpour of gifts from around the world that have been showered on the community of Newton’s children as been said to run into tens of thousands. 

The support for this Connecticut community following the tragedy they experience with the lost of so many young  lives, is an indication that around the world we grieve with the families , we are never going to forget their pain and suffering and that it does not take us to have to go through a similar trauma to understand, as parents their over-whelming lost.

Their strength to overcome this adversity will come not just from their faith, but the knowledge that we are all grieving with them, they are not a lost community and that we have an obligation to ensure this kind if tragedy is never again inflicted in another American community, if we fail to accomplish this then we have really failed our children badly.

A number of Hollywood’s A list stars have banned together making a video campaigning against gun violence.  This only again demonstrates that the Connecticut incident have touched the lives of so many.  Lending their powerful voices against gun crimes, will hopefully ensure that something positive is done in the control of guns.

It has been reported that phone hacking victim Hugh Grant has accepted a substantial sum after settling his legal claim against the News of the World.  It is also encouraging to note that Mr Grant has every intention of donating the money to the ‘Hacked off campaign’.  This further shows it was all about principles rather than financial gains.

Bombing in a town northwest of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, at a shop selling CD’s has left four dead and 11 wounded. This is a reminder that the citizens of Iraq are still constantly under attack from suicide bombers and those that still believes that violence is the only answer to resolve problems.

At a political party rally organized by those opposed to the Taliban, a suicide bomber killed nine people including a provincial government official.  Yet further reminder that whatever we as a society do we cannot and should not let these individuals win neither the war or the battle, and whatever it takes to curtail their counterproductive behaviour a civilized society must undertake.

Tribal violence in Kenya left 45 dead.  As the US condemn the level of violence, it was reported that villagers were hacked to death, homes torched and that among the victims were women and children.  There is no respect for the sanctity of life among sections of the world community.  Tribal violence is a disgraceful, outdated, and inhumane act and once that should not be tolerated in any shape or form.

The individuals who perpetrate such evil on others ought to realize that they do not have carte Blanche to cause mayhem to another because they are different.  The actions of such individuals are outrageous and despicable.

By Sandrea: My Opinion