The following headlines and media reports from around the world that is putting a damper on what should be a time of joy and happiness.

US soldiers have killed seven Taliban insurgents in a raid to rescue an America doctor abducted on December 5.  No doubt the family of the rescued doctor will be elated that he his safe, but in order to rescue one life seven had to be taken. 

This should be an indication to the Taliban that kidnapping US or any other country citizens will not be tolerated by a civilized society and until they understand that concept there will be more lives lost.

There have been reports that almost 600 people were killed in the Southern Philippines, following typhoon Bopha which struck the country Tuesday.  It has also been said that nearly 400, 000 people have lost their homes and although search and rescue continues in the hope of finding other survivors.  Let us keep these victims in our hearts and prayers as we celebrate the Christmas holidays.

A mid-air collision between two small planes over central Germany have left 7 people dead.  Considering the huge air space, I imagine it will leave the German authority baffled as to the reason the collision occur which the lost of these lives

Bangladesh police and protesters clash two people dead and dozens more injure.  This latest violent confrontation between citizens and the authority comes amid an organized protest from the BNP, who stage the rally to demand early elections.  The by product of violent demonstration is that people are always hurt, infrastructure destroyed and chaos tend to reign.

US drone strike in Pakistan killed 3 suspected militants, as the fight against terrorism continues with no signs that there will be any compromise either on the side of those hell-bent on causing chaos in society or the resolve of the US to find and target the perpetrators of terrorist activities.

One can only hope that these incidents will subside not just during the Christmas period but as we enter a new year there will be a concerted effort on everyone part to find a solution to the constant conflict and violence that is plaguing the planet and we will indeed work together to ensure that these incidents become things of the past.  That human beings can resolve our varying differences at the negotiation table rather that through violent confrontation.

There is no way that we can prevent natural disaster when they strike, apart from the world uniting in assisting the affected areas.   Helping them to return to some level of  normal  life and re-building the country as quickly as is humanly possible.

By Sandrea: MY Opinion