With the Chancellor George Osborne, admitting that it is taking longer for the UK to recover from its financial crisis and that the government will miss its key economic targets, what’s new.

The problem with politicians is when they make election promises they conveniently forget that countries are interdependent and if for example the United States cough we catch a cold in the UK, so in order to achieve goals we rely on what happen in the global economy.

Unless, you are privileged to a crystal ball politicians can only assume what they believe is the necessary steps require to reduce the deficit, but they cannot be certain that they can achieve this in a single year as to do so depends on many aspects that are not in the control of any one country.  They can however destroy family life, reduce welfare benefits that will plunge the poor deeper into destitution and in the same vein ensure the rich get considerably richer.

Politics have this blame culture which seems to be the norm in the UK political arena.  It’s not the Conservative fault that the country is in a recession, we inherit the mess from the Labour party and vice versa.  But if the country is in a financial black hole then both political parties are fully aware of the crisis, so blaming each other to score Brownie points is rather infantile.

It never ceased to amaze me that during the first three years of a newly elected government they spend a considerable amount of time either destroying the mechanism in place to help the poorest of society, they blame all the country ails on the welfare system, immigration, and the unemployed.  We end up with huge rises in consumer products, shaky financial stability, and months before an election they suddenly find the resources to make large budget giveaways, could it be that they are under the delusion that the voters are easily fooled.

It is just unbelievable and if it wasn’t so patronizing is would be rather laughable.

By Sandrea: My Opinion