Whether rich countries accept it or not global warming and climate change dilemma cannot become a political football to be kicked around as if it is not important.

Climate changes affect us all irrespective of whether we live in poor or rich nations and whatever the catastrophe event will occur if we do nothing is not going to be a negotiable thing.  The solution to resolve global warming must be a concerted effort by everyone otherwise, the consequences could be dire.

It is obvious that the poorest nations are going to rely heavily on the rich, however money is not the only criteria that is necessary for us to our part in ensuring that then next generation have a planet to reside on.

Whilst the rich and poor nations are bickering over financial aid this certainly undermines efforts to reach agreement that will keep global temperatures from rising to an estimated 2C, which according to reports have already risen by 0.8C.

No one doubted that the developed world bears the brunt of the problem, but throwing money at it will not resolve the underlying cause, we have to ensure that the billions that will be donated in aid is spent effectively targeting the conditions that are the culprit of global warming.

Human beings are the biggest culprit of global warming and the climate changes that we are currently experiencing, we have an obligation to ensure that we correct the years of carbon emission we let loose into our atmosphere which resulted in the climate problems we now inherit.

Climate change and global warming are the biggest threat to our environment and in particular to human beings and our very existence on earth, it is not something that we can push under the carpet and ignore.  Our very survival depends on the steps we take now to slow global warming and if we dither and attribute blame rather than unite to find effective ways of dealing with the problems we may not live to regret our selfish decisions.

By Sandrea: My Opinion