As the British public gets over excited at the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall wall first child, anyone looking at us from another planet would believe that this was some superb special occasion.

Having deliver hundred of babies in my capacity as a midwife I just find it extraordinary that people could be so enthusiastic about an event that happen every single day in the UK and every other country.

It would appear that society seems to believe that when a member of the Royal family have a child they do so in a different way from any other woman, in fact it is the same process, some women have natural birth some are given various drugs to help them with the enormous pain that childbirth entails, and there is the exception to the rule, like myself who have a child without feeling any pain and that is a rather unique affair.

I trust that the nation will leave the couple to their joyous moment and let them live their life in peace and approach parenthood without the pressure that they have to undergo because of who they are.

By Sandrea: My Opinion