There is a school of thought that emotional stress is mostly perpetrated on women however, I beg to differ, I am not taking away the traumatic events that many women experience, but I believe the emotional turmoil affects men just as much as women.

In my opinion any time an individual is degraded and made to feel as if they have nothing productive to contribute, when they are bombarded with innuendos that demean them, shatter their self-esteem then that is emotional stress.

Although the vast majority of people will no doubt say that women are always at the forefront of these negative attacks, personally I believe that there are hundreds of men who go through the same belittling of their self-esteem, on a daily basis.

It is important that as a society we recognize that the female of the species are not the only ones that have partners who try to destroy their self worth men have female partners that undertake the same counterproductive behaviour.

In the same manner that a man can make a woman feel degraded, blame them for anything that goes wrong, forced into putting the partner first, being made to feel trivial, stupid, unhappy, unaccomplished, take their control away, made them afraid of their own shadow, isolate them from family and friends, there are men that experience the same archaic behaviour.

We should never lose sight of the fact that as human beings we have fragilities that can make us exercise poor judgement and a level of control over another in order to fulfil our own warp ideologies.

The fact that these kind of behaviour against women are given much more publicity than those of men does not mean that there are not many men who are petrified of going home today because of the emotional stress they will have to try and deal with inside their domain.

It is our duty as a society to find an effective way of stamping out these inhumane attitudes, irrespective of who is on the receiving end, not pretend it only happen to the so-called weaker sex, namely women.

By Sandrea: My Opinion