Following days of violent confrontation between Islamist and Opposition supporters, it has been reported that Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has backed down and annulled the controversial decree issued last month.

Whether, as media reports indicate that the powerful army gave an ultimatum encouraging him and the opposition to sit down and talk.  The move he made should hopefully, prevent any further bloodshed in the country.

There are times when the army in some countries gets involved in political affairs with disastrous consequences, but for the army in Egypt to state that they are with the Egyptian people and did not wish to see their country descend into a dark tunnel and further added that they wish to see both sides resolved the issues with democratic solutions, is in my opinion commendable on their part.

It now begs the question as to why did the Syrian regime did not go down the same productive path once the civil uprising began.  The stubbornness on the regime has cost many lives and have escalated in that the world now firmly believe that chemical weapons will be used on the Syrian people, hence NATO personnel and equipments being positioned on their border.

The regime in Syria seems to be unclear about the reasons for civil uprising, they are under the illusions that the people are nothing but terrorists.  Until the Syrian regime recognizes that civil disobedience arise out of oppression, when the citizens no longer trust the government and they cannot find any democratic way of making their voices heard, they will take up arms.

Granted that the problem in Egypt may have started over the issue of the decree which many see the draft constitution as something that have the potential of weakening human and women’s rights.  The olive branch that the government has offered should not be ignored by the opposition.  They must in the interest of their people and the country sit down, discuss and negotiate the issues of concern in order to reach a democratic solution that does not involve further violence, chaos and mayhem in the country.

After all, this is the 21st Century and if we have lost the ability as a person to negotiate over our differences and we can only use violence as a means to an end, whether justified or not, then we are certainly dooming the human race to extinction.

By Sandrea: My Opinion