Given the fear that is happening around the world because the doomsday believer think December 21, 2012, marks the end of an ancient Mayan calendar and therefore, the onset of world-ending, does not make it true.

With individuals purchasing shelters and stockpiling what they believe will be essentials to survive the end of the world scenario, is ridiculous.

There is no doubt that mankind and their bad behaviour will cause so many problems on the planet that we may eventually be destroyed, but no one can categorically state when that will happen.

We should be spending our time in unity and living as humane as we possibly can, rather that this stupid suggestion that our world is about to end.

Ever so often these outlandish predicaments come about and then they disappear, as long as I can remember there have been individuals that have been predicting the end of the world.

This could be another of those hoax, that cause panic buying and made people spend more than they need to, and if the world is coming to an end why would you bother to purchase anything for survival.  If the world that we now know, with all its problems ended, why would anyone want to go back to the dark ages.

If you are afraid of death then you are afraid of living and in my opinion people should just go about their everyday business and forget this stupidity and know that there is not even the remote possibility that the world will come to an end on the 21 December 2012, do not make another and their obsession with world-ending spoil this festive occasion.

I am going to live my life without fear knowing that the world will still be here after that day and in the believe that when God decide to come back for Earth we will never be in a position to purchase any survival equipment, because as the Bible states ‘he shall come like a thief in the night’.


By Sandrea: My Opinion