What happen to Reeva Steenkamp is a tragedy of enormous proportion and one that no family would wish to experience.

This is the tragic death of a young 29 year old with everything to live for who was shot four times allegedly by her Para- Olympian boyfriend.  I use the term allegedly because he has not been convicted of the crime he is charged with.

Personally, I detest any kind of gun associated crimes.  I believe if you are in possession of guns then it stands to reason that you are going to use them, and in my opinion shooting someone four times in my view are over kill.

Oscar Pistorius maybe despise by not only South Africans but around the world, as they saw him as a person who overcame such adversity to demonstrate at the London Para Olympics that one can achieve anything they set their mind and body to do regardless of the circumstances.  To be labelled a murderer would have been something that most people would not contemplate, in the blink of an eye he has gone from hero to zero.

However, I would agree that we have to wait and see what evidence will emerge from the trial before we make unsubstantiated allegation or presumed what occur.  Speculation is a rather dangerous thing and the only two people who really knew what occur on that Valentine’s Day is the one charged with premeditated murder and the other is dead.

We hope that forensic will be able to piece together why this tragedy occur, but in the meantime let’s wait of the answers and undertake less speculation that I am certain would be welcome by both families.

by Sandrea: My Opinion