Whether we want to accept it or not technology is here to stay and each year they become more and more a part of our life.

The vast majority of individual own an Smartphones, tablets and ipads you name the technology and we have them in our position.  As parents we want our children to be clued up on the relevant technology that will become a part of their life and therefore the tendency is to introduce them to these devices early in their development stages.

However, to read that there are children as young as four years old that are addicted to these technological equipment in that they are now having to be treated for withdrawal symptoms is a rather sad affair.

I am a grandmother and I see how clever my grandchildren are at using these equipments, but they have limits.  As parents we have an obligation to ensure that our children are not left to amuse themselves for hours and end on these devices.  Of course we need them to be clever to understand the working of these devices but not at their detriment and not because so long as they are on these devices they keep quiet.

In everything that we do there must be a balance and I can agree with the experts when they say that allowing a toddler or babies to access a tablets computer for a lengthy period of time could be dangerous to them in the long term.  It stands to reason that we have to do things in moderation and society have this attitude of always blaming the equipment rather than the individual.

There is no way that a Smartphone or tablet is going to tell a child to put them down, you have enough for the day, therefore the onus is on parent to effectively monitor their children to ensure that they are not overdoing the amount of time they spend on these technologies.

In my opinion, parenting skill is woefully inadequate in todays’ 21 first century parents not only are they too young to understand what parenting means, but the thought that if you give your child a piece of technology to play with it will keep them quiet for hours is most parents’ joy, but in doing so they are doing damage to the child without even understanding themselves the kind of modern day counterproductive child that they are rearing.

Let’s get back to reality, help them to understand technology, do not make technology the be all and end all of their lives, everything in proportion and if you balance their lives effectively then there will be no need to traumatize them into technological meltdown.

BY Sandrea My Opinion