It is rather amazing to find out that a human being is more prone to, especially domestic violence during the Christmas season.

Apparently, there is an increase in violent confrontations in the homes during the festive season, and as one individual suggested the reasons could be that during this time of the year pressure is placed on others to buy expensive presents, or wives and girlfriends demand more money from their husband and boyfriend, and some men will resort to violence to stand their ground.

Violence in any shape or form, whether domestic or not is an appalling act which is perpetrated on another human being.   There is so much concern as to why the festive seasons cause an increase in these vicious acts of violence there have  been a campaign launched by the police in an effort to rescue, especially children from domestic violence during the Christmas season.

As have been indicated every child as a right to feel safe and happy, but in a household where domestic violence occurs, this is traumatic for the children.

Society has an obligation to stamp out this archaic behaviour and in order to do so the individuals on the receiving end of domestic violence must come forward and inform the authority. This is no longer a problem that is ignored by society and most local police station have trained officers in domestic violence issues and are more than willing to get involved to prevent this vile act.

Let us take this festive season to begin the process of curtailing those who believe that they can carry out violence against another without facing the consequences of their actions.  Domestic violence can only thrive if the individuals that are in this situation refuse to report the problem and press charges against the perpetrators.

Do not suffer in silence this Christmas takes a stand against domestic violence an together we can rid our society of this Neanderthal anti-social behaviour.

By Sandrea: My Opinion