For centuries dogs has been labelled as man’s best friend and they could be, proving that they really are.

According to an Austria pilot project which was published on Wednesday, dogs are adept at sniffing out lung cancer.  It would appear that these canine friends have no problem in identifying tumour patients.

Apparently, these dogs had achieved a 70 percent success rate in identifying cancer from 120 breath samples.  It is not however surprising that dogs are capable of such feat we already see the remarkable work that they do with the security service having the ability to sniff out bombs and dead bodies, search and rescue, due to their amazing sense of smell, this research is just the latest in what our canine friends are able to achieve.

The report indicates that scientist would benefit enormously if they can isolate the scent the dogs are picking up in order to replicate the process to be able to help diagnose lung cancer in the early stages, improving the survival rates.

Once again because of their amazing scent dogs may prove to be truly mans best friend and the number of lives that they could eventual save time will tell, but I have no doubt that it will run into millions.

By Sandrea: My Opinion