It is rather rich of Nick Clegg to be under one hand propping up the conservative party and on the other hand criticizing them for the very policies that his party help create.

There is nothing new about the manner in which the conservative party treats those that are affluent and those that are poor.  It as always been their way to ensure the poor and desperate and the most vulnerable of our society is squeeze much more than they should be whilst the affluent gets richer and richer.

The so-called Deputy Prime Minister is in no position to be critical of the very people that he and his party decide to create a coalition in order for them to become the government of the country.  There is no doubt in my opinion that pass Liberal Democrat supporters that have passed on must be turning over in their graves as they cannot believe that the party that they created with the focus on taking care of the masses have found itself in bed with the conservative in which they have absolutely nothing in common, except for the fact that they could not hold any government position unless they align themselves with the adversary.

Despite his outburst and criticism the country is not buying into it, we are well aware of the reasons for this broadside and it will not go down well with the voters of this country.  If you decide to play with fire then be warned that you are likely to get burned and that is exactly what as happen in this coalition.

How can they expect to strengthen the economy when they are the ones who have caused the problems in the first place.  They have pushed the masses into adverse poverty, they have taken away any little hope of the unemployed finding a job, they have ensured that children from the poorest of families will get even further into despair and in what is suppose to be a G7 country the poverty rate amongst children is equated to some third world country.  So what does the Deputy Prime Minister believe he have to say that we would want to listen.

Credibility, integrity and dignity should be the be all and end all of every politicians and in my opinion one would be hard pressed to find those three amongst today’s politicians.  They seem to be able to destroy the lives of the people and wait around until an election is looming then they pretend that they care and try to make it appear that they have the interest of the public at heart and they have played that card so many times that it becomes a broken record that we no longer play.

There is no doubt that we would agree that there are times when a government need to take tough decisions in order to ensure that the country is effectively manage, but in doing so there must be a balance and that means you do not allow the vast majority of the country needy to go further into deprevation whilst those that are capable to do so is elevated even more than they need and until we adjust this imbalance within our society the country will remain in the diabolical state that it is in and although world events play a role in the country’s economy, the problem that we are experiencing is cause by the manner in which the coalition is conducting the affairs of the nation, and that is rather poorly.

By Sandrea: My Opinion