The  media article that salmon that have been genetically modified to grow twice as fast as normal may soon end up on our dinner plate, it begs the question do human being really need genetically modified food.

According to the report despite the US Food and Drug Administration concluded in a 2010 report that , these salmon were safe to eat as traditional ones they have yet to approve Aquabounty the company seeking to manufacture these genetically modified salmon.

My concern is that how can any manipulation of a species in order for them to grow unnaturally be as safe as those that breed and grow naturally, it just does not equates.

Furthermore  Alison Van Eenennaam, a professor of animal science at the University of California,  in favour of this process states “You drive a hybrid car because you want the most efficient vehicle you can have. So why wouldn’t you want the most efficient agriculture you can have”.

Comparing the driving of a hybrid car to a human consuming genetically modified food is rather silly.  We do not know what the consequences will be to our bodies in the long term and it would be wiser to air on the side of caution.  Why are human beings so hell-bent on speeding up the growth process, who knows what ramification there will be if these modified fish happen to breed with ordinary salmon, and accident do happen irrespective of how much precaution one takes.

There must be some aspect of living things that are allowed to continue in their natural form, free from genetic manipulation, free from generating huge profits and we have an obligation to protect some of our species.

DNA breakthrough is yet another Pandora box, for all of the good that as been achieved there is always going to be the downside whereby human beings believing that unlocking a few doors into then DNA house is not good enough they need to open every aspect, and further down the line or the next generation find themselves with diseases they do not know where they appear from, health issues that plague generations all because we do not know when to stop and every breakthrough in the scientific world should be, in my opinion control effectively otherwise we will become our own worse enemy.

It is not that we oppose new technology, but there must be some aspects that are sacrosanct and we do not interfere with the natural cycle of whether it is animals or plant and  if we cannot understand that concept them something is definitely wrong with us as a race.


By Sandrea: My Opinion