The death penalty is an antiquated out-dated barbaric system which human beings seems only too happy to perpetrate on another.

I understand that several countries around the world who still carry the death penalty believes that it somehow deter crime and criminal activities, but every discussion and debate that have been done regarding the death penalty states that in none of the countries that have the death penalty there is any reduction in crime.

The act of taking someone life is not a right that should be given to any government and state sanction murder is inhuman and counterproductive.

The execution of Kimberley McCarthy by the Texas authority did not bring back the individuals that she was convicted of killing and when a family lose their love ones to violent crime there is never any satisfaction in the knowledge that the person responsible is themselves put to death, only a minority of people like to see the eye for an eye justice.

It is a fact that the vast majority of human beings detest the death penalty and are trying desperately to see this state sanction punishment abolish from all countries that still have this archaic method of so-called justice.

It is unbelievable that in the 21st century we cannot find an effective way to deal with the criminal elements within our society and we believe that executing individuals it the right method to employ in this century.  I believe that it is time that we, as a society demonstrate that we are much better than those that cause chaos and mayhem within our environment and sentencing anyone to death is not the way forward and all that we accomplish by that action is dragging ourselves into the same  cesspool that those who commit heinous crime stoop to.

By Sandrea: My Opinion