Counting our blessings starts today, we are going to remember that our Saviour promise to take care of us, see to our needs protect body and soul and if we are grateful to the living God them our blessing can only increase tenfold.

God gave us clear instructions as to how we live our life and the manner in which we should serve him and one of the fundamental instruction that we were given is ‘remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy’.

In a world full of negative situation when a Chicago man can open gun fire at twelve people including a three year old injuring them, and another kill twelve in a Washington naval yard, one wonders how can we obey God in these troubled times.

Let us not forget that the Devil is hard at work trying to disrupt our everyday activities and seeping into the heart of mankind allowing them to make counterproductive decisions which not only impact on their lives but the lives of those that have been affected.

Today is the day that we are going to begin to count our blessings, thanking God for being alive, waking us up, keeping us safe, give us the resources, irrespective of how little they may be, to function daily.  We are going to sing his praises  all over the world , even if we feel burdened, whether we are going through a bad experience or not God grace is the key to open up our life for whatever we need.

God has given us all that we need in order to not just worship him but to survive and we allow doubt in our lives which have prevented us from receiving the benefits that he has laid out for us, forgetting that he send his only begotten son to die on a cross so that we would no longer have to suffer, yet we are still suffering because we have forgotten how to claim the riches that he has given us.

People let us praise God in everything that we do, let us understand that even the Devil will be reigned in by God when the time comes, just like how we will have to answer to our maker so will Satan, he is not above being knocked down by God.  He may be feeling rather superior right now, just remember that God his giving him a long rope to hang himself.

Today we count our blessings, we take back everything that the Devil tries to take away from us, we bless God for each morsel that he has allowed into our life and we carry the spiritual banner for Jesus Christ now and forevermore.

By Sandrea: My Opinion