Connecticut and Colorado have definitely taken a step in the right direction in terms of gun purchase.

It has been reported that the citizens of Colorado and Connecticut, scenes of the worst mass shooting, are less enthusiastic about purchasing new guns.

This is an encouraging sign and one that should be applauded, after all these two states have endured the killing of family members and in particular children.  The fact that they are now realizing that something should be done about gun ownership is commendable.

Furthermore there have been reports that checks for individuals seeking to purchase guns are now much stiffer than previously is also another step in the right direction, and will go a long way to ensure the public that guns will become much more difficult to own.

It is understandable that gun enthusiast will believe that their rights to bear arms are being trampled on.  However, they must come to the realization that too many children are losing their lives because guns are getting into the hands of undesirable and that if they want to protect their rights then they have to work with the government and the community to ensure that lethal weapon or control and are only in the hands of responsible people.

By Sandrea My Opinion