As the Christmas holidays approaches there will be joy and happiness for many, but there will also be a great deal of suffering for some of the less fortunate in our society.

The United Nations has warned that over two million Afghans will be at risk from cold, disease and malnutrition.  Although there are preparations on the way to help the Afghans cope with the harsh winter conditions, there is however concerned for many Afghans who reside in remote areas of the country.

It is rather heart-rending to know that whilst many of us will have the food warmth and healthcare that we need, there will be those exposed to the elements without the basic things require to survive and it makes one feel incapacitated that our planet is in such a state that we cannot offer these individuals all the assistance they need, there is no doubt that there will be deaths especially children and the elderly.

We also have to spare a thought for the family of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who apparently took her own life after an alleged hoax call to the hospital she worked.  As the inquest gets under way, maybe it will shed some light as to why she felt that she had to make such a final sacrifice.  The people involved in the hoax will come to the realization that their stupidity may have cost the life of someone who had a family and everything to live for and that they will in the future conduct themselves in a manner that will never again led to this kind of tragedy.

As US President Obama recognizes the legitimacy of the Syrian main Opposition group, let us hope that this will bring an end to the bloodshed in the country.  We hope that the current Syrian regime will accept the opposition group and begin negotiations to end the violence and return the country to peaceful co-existence.

Let us hope the violence that is plaguing the world will cease, peace will begin to reign in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel.  We should take a moment to pray for peace and that terrorist and terrorism will be eradicated from our society and instead individuals will gather around the negotiating table to discuss their opposing views rather than having to resort to violent conflict to resolve them.

By Sandrea: My Opinion