As the Christians festivities draw close and million around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus, we will be reminded of the turmoil in the world.

The Taleban launches assault in Afghanistan with the suicide bombing of the airport complex, rocket propelled grenades and mortars.  Unable to accept that they were overthrown and no longer in control of the country they are using terrorist activities to cause chaos and mayhem to the Afghan government.

It has emerged that the air corridor over Iraq is being used as a supply route for weapons to the Syrian government.  There is concern that Iran is abusing the use of the Iraqi airspace, and calls for the Iraqi to effectively monitor and inspect flights.

US unmanned drone strike kills three in Pakistan and is the latest drone strike within a 72 hour period.

In the US a son killed his father with a bow and arrow, apparently a community college instructor lost is life protecting his students by giving them valuable time to flee the classroom as he wrestle with his son.  As we await the authority report on the reasons for this senseless murder, we have to honour the memory of Mr Krumm who made the ultimate sacrifice.

So, as we move closer to begin the celebration of the Christian festivities we must bear in mind that our planet is in severe crisis and hope that as we moved into 2013, nations will begin to respect each other, individuals will become increasingly humane and governments around the world will work diligently for peace.

Let us hope where there is conflict they will cease, hope for the hopeless and recognise that we have more in common that what separate us.

By Sandrea: My Opinion