As the media furore continued regarding the resignation of Kent Police youth crime commissioner, over allege offensive tweets, the old adage ‘choose your words carefully they may come back to haunt you’ is words of wisdom that we can all learn from.

However, one of the fundamental aspects of this situation is that we are talking about an individual that is a mere 17 year old.  She still has a lot to learn and is yet to grow into an effective adult.  Society seems to forget that at that age and with social networking the ‘in thing’ what do we expect from a 17 year old child.

Of course, it is important that the police organisation have an individual like Paris Brown to advise them on what young people in their community need and expect from the police service, but we cannot and should not lose sight of the fact that we are talking about an individual that is not even capable of casting a vote, she has not reached the age that society recognise as moving from childhood into an adult.

There is no doubt that we cannot promote anyone who for whatever reason spew sexist, racist or homophobic tendency regardless of their age, but what we should be able to do is understand that immaturity plays an important aspect in someone as young as Miss Brown.

I do believe that Paris Brown is truly sorry for whatever misguided actions that she taken and that she is equally sorry for any inappropriate language she used.

It is important that she is left alone, not hounded any further, given the opportunity to reflect on her actions, learn from them and is now a much wiser young person and will be able to use this experience to help other young people to be careful in what they say on social networking sites as anything negative could come back on them in a counter productive way.

By Sandrea: My Opinion