It would appear from information in the media, actor Terrence Howard was accused of beating his ex wife and 50 cents plead not guilty also, to domestic violence.

There was a time when domestic violence was a plague that affect individuals that was not in the public eye and was seen as a lower to middle class problem.  However, in the last few years it has been reported by a number of celebrities that they have been beaten by their spouse which as pushed this act firmly in the public eye.

Domestic violence is one of the most appalling thing that any person can inflict on another and it is not a crime that should be swept under the carpet.

Those that inflict this modern day atrocity of what they presume is the weaker sex should realize that it does not make them a man, it makes them a sorry excuse for a human being and whether the perpetrator is male or female the same can be said about both.

In my opinion the reason that anyone could undertake such an archaic crime is because they have no concept of what love is really about and therefore they do not recognize that is you love another person then you can never do any harm to them regardless of what circumstance that you may be placed in.

Of course,  one would be naive to believe that sometimes individuals are not placed into a situation where they feel that they have to retaliate, but the testament of one resolution is to be able to walk away from a situation and retain their integrity and dignity.

As always, when the media carry a story such as these we can only speculate about the circumstances as we are not privileged to both sides, however, in my opinion any form of domestic violence is deplorable and one that should have no place in our society and the way in which to prevent these acts is for the judicial system to stamp down hard on the individuals that cause these criminal acts.

One has to be aware that domestic violence is such a demeaning act and cause the individual on the receiving end to lost their self worth, their dignity and pull them down into depression and it is very important that women are men who are experiencing this diabolical behaviour from their other half should not suffer in silence, speak out and lets end this vicious circle.

By Sandrea: My opinion