As UK Prime Minister David Cameron head to India amid the cloud of corruption scandal, it begs the question, can there be ethics and integrity in any company or corporation.

In order to secure jobs and investment for a country, are there any justification for companies or corporation to compromise their ethics and integrity.  The vast majority of what is called ordinary people who go about their daily lives struggling to survive in a world that is saturated with crimes, deception, bribery and chaos do we really bother with whether there are ethics and integrity in companies and corporation.

Ethics, in my opinion defines the elements essential to human well-being and proposes a set of principles to be used as guidelines for generating an ethical culture. If we stray outside of those principles we destroy the very fabric of what it means to be a human being.

I believe that the closet that most people come to the realization of how companies and corporation undertake their ethical responsibilities to stay on top is primarily what we see in television programs and it most cases they depict these corporations and companies as greedy, uncaring and their own self-interest in the amount of finance they can acquire.

But, can companies and corporation undertake their responsibilities with integrity, I believe they can and in my opinion human beings have not yet lost the ability to do what is right whether they are corporation Mogul, government official or own their own companies.

However, it would be naïve to believe that there are not back hand deals, bribery or the nod and the wink situation that occurs in some organizations.

Human beings need to stop this attitude that we develop that everything should have a price and that we cannot do any business without so-called sweetening the pot in our favour, it is counterproductive demeans our integrity.

By Sandrea: My Opinion