With the excitement of the selection of the new Pope over what can be expected from Pope Francis.

It has taken close to 600 years for a sitting Pope to resign in order for a new one to be appointed.  Most none Catholics find this rather strange as the norm is that Pope’s die on the job.  The overwhelming question now is can the new Pope take the stigma off of the Catholic Church.

Bearing in mind that the new Pope is seventy six years old, one wonder why the church always seems to appoint Pontiffs that are so old, and given his age, how many years of service will the Pope have to be able to address all the negative issues that are currently causing great concerns to the believers.

There is no secret that the Catholic Church is going through a tumultuous phase, in that there is dwindling congregation, high profile scandal and most of all the reputation of the Church is at is lowest, so what does the world really expect this 76 year old to achieve.

The world has changed dramatically since the inception of the Church and not just where the Catholic church is concerned.  Christianity is taking a battering from society because of the changes that society deem is necessary to appease sections of our community and as such churches are asked to accept these changes that not only goes against what we were thinking, but against the wishes of God.

For example one of the fundamental changes that the Church will have to come to terms with is how openly same sex relationships have become and now the legality in some state where they are allowed to marry.  Now according to the Bible this relationship goes against the rules and laws of God and if we ignore his wishes then we doom ourselves to his condemnation.

In my opinion Pope Francis have a very tough job on his hand trying to make all the relevant changes in order to bring the church back from the brink, I hope that he will get all the necessary support he need to fulfil his task.

By Sandrea: My Opinion