According to news report three people died and four others wounded, including two young girls, following yet another shooting incident in the US.

The following shooting incidents, as listed below, occurred all across the United States, this year.

February 26 – A nightclub shooting in Jackson Tennessee leave one dead and nineteen wounded

February 27 – Chardon High School, a 17 year old was suspected of killing two students and wounding three.

March 30 –  Two killed and twelve wounded, when gunmen opened fire on mourners at a funeral home in North Miami.

April 4 – Former student One Goh killed seven people and injured three at a Korean Christian College in Oakland, California.

May 20 – A gunman killed three people and wounded three others following an argument at a Huston nightclub.

May 30 – Ian Stanwicki, shot and killed five people at a cafe  in Seattle, then apparently kill himself.

July 09 – In an exchange of gunfire, three people were killed and two wounded at a Delaware soccer tournament.

July 20 James Holmes killed twelve people and wounded fifty-eight in a Denver Colorado cinema where they were watching a late night screening of the new Batman film.

August 05 – Six people killed and four wounded by a lone gunman attack on a Sheik Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

So far, this year of the incidents that have been reported and appear in the media there have been over forty people killed and one hundred wounded in gun related crimes across the United States.

I understand that the US constitution gives their citizens the right to bare arms, but I would assume that when the founding fathers establish the constitution, they could not imagine that right would eventually turn into an epidemic of violence across the US.

They say that ‘guns don’t kill people, people do’, but if you have easy access to these weapons there’s every likelihood that you are going to use them.

By Sandrea: My Opinion