It is amazing how politicians are under the illusions that they are more intelligent than the voting public.

David Cameron’s speech about giving the British people a referendum in deciding whether the UK stay in or come out of the European Union is such a lame duck approach to what is clearly a failure of his coalition government and a speech designed to supposedly fool the voters.

This coalition government and if the truth be told all Conservative government have always created policies that decimate the standards of the poor and vulnerable in our society and when they do they then find a subject which they believe will rile up the public, whether it is Europe or Immigration and they throw their ideas out in the public domain with the hope that the people will forget the crisis that they have put the country into and vote for them again.

Here we have a coalition that destroys the benefit systems caused untold suffering to pensioners, the disabled, children and single families, make life intolerable for the vast majority of people and the best he can do is to promise a referendum on Europe.

In my opinion, advisors to politicians need to alert them to the fact that the public they are dealing with are not uneducated voters and that their so-called university education no longer gives them carte blanche to pull the wool over voters eyes.  Irrespective of the poverty that exist within our society voters are far more sophisticated than they want to give us credit for and you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the times.

The British people no longer buy into the bull that politicians believe they can feed them, we know exactly what they are up to and if they believe that by the time the next election come around we are going to forget all the negative things that he and his coalition cronies have done to the country and the voting public, then he’s in for a rude awakening.

Just so the Prime Minister knows we are not fooled by that speech, we are well aware of its intentions and the voters like fish is certainly not biting.  We have seen it all before, been there, done that and this government have no more relevant ideas left in them and the vast majority of the British people cannot wait for the next election, it cannot come soon enough.

By Sandrea: My Opinion