As the city of Boston and its citizens come to terms with the deaths of 3 and injury of over 170 people, the overwhelming anger it must feel, particularly for the death of 8 year old Martin Richard, in my opinion is hard to imagine. 

None of the people who died in this heinous act of terrorism deserve to lose their lives and to do so in what should have been a joyous occasion is deplorable, inhumane and downright disgusting.

The cowards who perpetrate this atrocity on an unsuspecting community are nothing more than a poor excuse for a human being.    The kinds of individual that is capable of committing such atrocities and then remain anonymous just demonstrate the warp, twisted and disturbing individuals that we have the unfortunate experience of sharing our environment with.

How can they justify their behaviour murdering innocent people and especially children and they do not have the integrity to own up to their dastardly deed, if they believe that their actions were justified why don’t they let themselves be known to the authority, why hide who they are, they do so because they are the worst kind of terrorist there are they 20 carat gold-plated cowards.

I hope that they will be caught tried and convicted and make to spend their entire miserable lives in a prison cell and have the face of an eight year old boy haunt them for eternity.

Irrespective of our beliefs and whether we believe that society owes us anything or wrong us in anyway there can never be any justification for the kind of carnage that was unleashed on the people of Boston.  The actions of these individuals are yet another demonstration of how we have eroded humanity and we are no longer our brother’s keeper but the inflicting of pain and suffering on each other.

My condolences go out to all those that have been hurt in this cowardly act of terrorism, especially to the family of Martin Richard, I hope they will have the strength to weather this dark day in their lives and to be assured that the cowards responsible for their pain will eventually make to pay for their criminal actions.

By Sandrea: My opinion