Baroness Thatcher the first United Kingdom woman Prime Minister has died age 87.

Today there will be mixed reaction around the world to her death, there are those who will applaud her for what they believe was her strength of character in taking on the highest post in the UK with steely determination and those who will only remember the bad times under her leadership.

It would be fair to say that the Thatcher era shaped the UK in ways that are still evident today.  It would be very difficult not to remember that under her government the country when through the worst miners’ strike, the disastrous introduction of the poll tax, and her trademark quote “the lady is not for turning”.

For those of us that remember the 1980’s when she ruled the UK, we will not forget the Brixton riots that devastate a community, and I believe in my opinion that during her era she created a culture of selfishness among a community that is still evident today.

The ‘I’m alright jack, sod the rest of the world’ was in my opinion bred during the 1980’s when individual were made to believe that they only have a responsibility to look after their affairs and did not care about anyone else, it was an unprecedented time of selfishness that I am pleased that have abated over the years.

Irrespective of what one might think of Baroness Thatcher, she was a formidable individual, she held her own on the world political stage and although I did not care for her brand of politics I admire and respect her in that she was determined to put her policies through even if they were counterproductive, she stuck to her guns and backing down was not a concept that she employ.

Margaret Thatcher may be gone from this world, but she will not be forgotten and will go down in history regardless and generation after generation will know about her and will be able to decide if her era was constructive or destructive to the United Kingdom, she will be remembered for winning the Falklands war and many other decisions that she presided over.

May her soul rest in peace, she may be gone but she will certainly not be forgotten.


By Sandrea: MY Opinion